The speech act of Request in Kurdish Language According to the model (Blum-Kulka and Olshtain)


  • Sherzad S. Ali College of basic education, university of duhok, Kurdistan region-Iraq.



Speech acts, Command, Directive, Strategies of request


Request is an act of speech related to linguistic deliberation and plays an active role in the field of speech acts. In this research, which is titled (The speech act of Request in Kurdish Language) According to the model (Blum-Kulka and Olshtain) the researcher attempts to clarify how to use the request according to certain situations. The researcher classified the samples and expressions used according to their strategies in addition to clarifying the percentage of those strategies used for each situation according to statistical method. Through this research, the researcher seeks to demonstrate how to use the Request form in the Bhdinan area as well as the strategies used during the formulation of the Request.  The research consists of an introduction and two chapters in addition to the most important findings of the research. The first chapter (Acts of speech and act of request) monitors speech acts in general and focuses in particular on the act of request. The second chapter (conditions and strategies of request) is devoted to the terms and strategies of formulating and applying the request to the speeches of the Bhdinan region according to the selected situations in the research.

Author Biography

Sherzad S. Ali, College of basic education, university of duhok, Kurdistan region-Iraq.

College of basic education, university of duhok, Kurdistan region-Iraq.


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