Guidlines for editors and reviewers

Editors and reviewers's responsibilities;

1- Reviewers are expected to provide written competent feedback in a timely manner

2- The editor must choose reviewers who are expert in the field.

3- It is the responsibility of the editor and the reviewer to accept the research which fits the scope of the journal.

4- The reviewers must alert the handling editor for any violation of ethical standards

5- Reviewers and editors must not have any conflict of interest with the research work.

6- Personel criticism of the author by the reviewers is inappropriate. The reviewers should give their views based on evidence in the literature.

7- The editors and reviewers must consider all the documents as confidential.

8- Evaluation of the research works must be free from any religion, gender, sexual, racial, political, ethnic biases.

9- The editors and reviewers must check the research work for ethical approval for research invloving human, animal and plant.