The Concept of justice And Its Disciplines With Narrators


  • First A. Al - Warmili University of Zakho



This research deals with one of the terms of Prophetic Hadith au then tacity which is the justice condition by Hadith narrators. It is a term to accept the narration by the scholars of Hadith since it is a trust war thy quality for a the person who restricts to virtues and avoids depravities. The person who is without such characteristic, will not have the reliability to narrate the Hadith. All Muslim scholars of Hadith agreed that the narrator should possess justice and discipline features in order to obtain reliability. The research also shows the concept of justice by narrators and it also displays the terms of justice with the affairs which confirm the justice of the narrator. The research also sheds light on the disciplines of justice by narrators by which to clarify whether it is possible to confirm assessment by one person? it also explains the ranks of evaluation and the judgment of these ranks, the research show the dispute of Hadith scholars in the assessment of the woman and the boy. It also clarifies the speeches of scholars concerning the combination of justice and assessment in one narrator, and which one of them should proceed. the research also displays the difference between the justice in narration and in testimony.

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First A. Al - Warmili, University of Zakho

Department of Islamic Studies, Faculti Humanities, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region - Iraq



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