Zakho City) Al-Hasniyya (and Its Outskirts in The Arab Islamic Sources "Historical and Analytical Study"

  • Khatab I. Ahmed Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.
Keywords: Zakho City, Al-Hasniyya, Arab Islamic Sources


The importance of the study of Zakho city lies in Arabic Islamic sources because it is the only sources among old ones. It mentioned the Kurds and their country, civilization, castles, strongholds, and their history in general. If we specially know that the Kurds had a great role in leading the Islamic civilization, whether by their scholars, by their leading of Islamic armies, or by managing positions in Emirate, judiciary, or Sultanate. As well as, their vital role in scientific and intellectual movement during various Islamic ages. This study is based on information reported in those various Arabic Islamic sources which mentioned the city of Zakho. At that time, this naming wasn’t familiar to them, so the used naming in those sources is the name "Al-Husseinia" as well as mentioning some castles and other geographical strongholds such as the castle of Al-Husseinia )Zakho), Dalal bridge, the big bridge, the old bridge or Al-Abassi which was referred to as arcade of Singa, Khabor river and fishkhabor. As well as some castles such as Ardamisht, Zahfarania, Shransh, Castle of Shabania, and Barkho castle. The sources had been diversified among general historical books and Albuldanyen books as well as books of literatures and linguistics. It is worth of mentioning that Tabari's book ' The History Book of Messengers and Kings' (310 AH/ 923 AD) is considered the first book which referred to the name ' Al-Husseinia'.

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