The Role of Innovative Value in Formation of the Mental Image of the Organization: An exploratory

Study of the views of a sample of managers in a number of construction organizations in Duhok city

  • Saad F. Abbas Al - Mahmoud Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management and Economics, Duhok University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
  • Eiveet Sh. Mikho Qelo Department of Tourism and Hotels Management, Faculty of Management and Economics, Duhok University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
  • Delman Kh. Ramadhan Al-Sharvany Department of Tourism and Hotels Management, Faculty of Management and Economics, Duhok University, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.
Keywords: Innovative Value, Mental Image


Organizations have recently faced a number of global changes and developments in the business environment as a result of political, economic, social, technological and legal changes which affect the mental image of the organization. Innovation has become the organizational goal of all organizations that compete fiercely in a world where globalization is intensifying. The mangers look at the innovation not only as a new way of working, but as a real means for organizations to survive and sustain long-term exploration and exploitation of undisputed market areas because competition in crowded markets is not a means of preserving market share of the organization. The formation of a good mental image has become a fundamental goal pursued by many organizations that seek success. There is awareness among organizations about the importance of studying the mental image that is formed in the minds of customers in order to be able to build plans and strategies related to improving the intellectual impressions and knowledge of customers and thus creating an appropriate environment conducive to innovation in all organization activities. The present study aims to survey the views of a sample of (89) individuals work as managers and heads of departments in the construction organizations within the city of Dohuk towards the variables of the study through the questionnaire, which was analyzed by the adoption of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS-V25). The results of the research showed that the mental image of the investigated organizations acquires most of their characteristics from the innovation value and their dimensions, and that the more the organizations investigated in the innovation value of their products, the greater positive impact on improving of the mental image of customers. The research also presented  number of recommendations, such as that the researched organizations adopt a culture of creativity in dealing with the employees by enabling them to work independently and applying their innovation ideas, which reflect their positive returns on both the innovation value and mental image of those organizations.


المصادر باللغة العربية:

الرسائل والأطاريح العلمية:

بلاني، زيد حسن، دور تسويق علاقات الزبون في تحقيق القيمة المبتكرة بالاعتماد على خريطة منفعة الزبون CUM ، دراسة ميدانية لآراء المديرين لعينة مختارة من

منظمات الأعمال في محافظة دهوك، رسالة ماجستير غير منشورة، كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد، جامعة دهوك، العراق.

كه مه كي، حكيم توفيق أحمد،2013 ، دور أبعاد المعرفة الريادية ومكونات التفكير الريادي في تحقيق معايير ومؤشرات استراتيجية المحيط الأزرق-دراسة استطلاعية لآراء القيادات الإدارية في عينة من المنظمات الصغيرة في محافظة دهوك، رسالة غير منشورة، فاكلتي القانون والإدارة، جامعة دهوك، العراق.


رؤوف، رعد عدنان، 2010، دور أبعاد استراتيجية المحيط الأزرق في الأداء التسويقي – بالتطبيق على شركة العامة لصناعة الأدوية والمستلزمات الطبية – نينوى، مجلة تنمية الرافدين، العدد (98(، كلية الإدارة والاقتصاد، جامعة الموصل، العراق.

العطار، فؤاد حمودي، 2010، دور فلسفة المحيط الأزرق في تحقيق التفوق التنافسي: دراسة استطلاعية لآراء عينة من العاملين في شركة زين للاتصالات ببغداد، مجلة جامعة كربلاء العلمية، المجلد (8)، العدد (3)، كربلاء، العراق.


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