Scientific Thought at the Son of Qutaiba Dinuri


  • Khedheyer A.M. Almanshadawy Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zakho - Kurdistan Region - Iraq.



Kurd, Dinawar, Civilization, intellect, science


The city of Denor is one of the important Kurdish cities inhabited by the Kurdish tribes and was the capital of the province of the mountains and that city gave birth to many scientists who contributed an effective contribution in the advancement of scientific thought, including the encyclopedic scientist Ibn Qutaiba Dinuri who died in 282 AH / 895 AD. Which is considered to be the foremost Muslim scholars because he has brought together more than one science. He was a scientist in the sciences of arithmetic, algebra, astronomy and botany, in addition to the sciences of the Holy Quran, history and logic, and he left many scientific works, the most important of which is the book of plants, which became the basic source of plant knowledge among Muslim scholars and European scientists. The scientific concepts that the son of Qutaiba Aldeanora reached left clear impact on the western scientific thought effect as evidenced by this research which included the definition in the Denor city and Ibn Qutaiba Aldeanora and the most important scientific achievements, And the impact of those achievements in the advancement of contemporary scientific thought.



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