The Role of Asard Scholars and Their Contribution To The Scientific and Intellectual Movement in Syria and Egypt During The Ayobbid Naval Mamluki Reigns ( 570 – 784 A . H / 1175 – 1382 A . D)

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Hakeem A.Z. Al-Bapiri


This study aims to shed light on the role of Asard scholars and their contribution to the scientific and intelectual movement in Syria and Egypt during the Ayobbid naval Mamluki reigns ( 570 – 784 A . H / 1175 – 1382 A . D),It also aims to explicate the science for which Asard scholars were well – known and identify their scientific and intelectual effects and products through investigating books of translation, biographies and generations in addition to various historical books to specify the extent percent and level of Asards constribution to supporting the Islamic civilization by science and knowledge at that time of the Islamic history.

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