Women Properties in The Second Period of Al-Abbassi Era (233-334/ 846-945)


  • Ramzia H. H. Al Dusky Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Duhok University




Proportion, Womens proportion, the second period of al-abbassi era


This research aimed to identify some sources of women properties in the second period of Al-Abbassi era. Thus, the subject of property is regarded as one of the most important topic that have kept the historians busy with at that time, because it covers different aspects of life such as the social, economic, educational and, so on. But it's rare to find those who cares about the properties of women therefore, the choice has been made on this topic and all the efforts concentrated on and aimed at least to cover the important aspects of it, thus the woman is a human being that has his own rights and duties in life. There were different perspectives about her during the historical and religious events, this research has tried hard to study these fundamental aspects of property throughout the perspective legal of Islam towards the woman, referring to the essential role of the economic field in developing the woman fortune then inheritance, gifts, downers and feudalism in addition to other sources as trading with wealth and pursuing professions and occupations etc. As known there are variety of women and men properties. Whereas it has been deduced and referred to different aspects for the sake of women in order to take their rights as the legal aspect that cited with ayahs from the holy Quran. there are a lot of Quranic signs which confirmed and focused on the women rights in ownership similar to men, in addition to the holy Hadiths that talked about women economic rights later on there were a look on the traditional and linguistic side to the sources of these properties. Thus, the women in Islam become as equal as men in rights as well as they have been preferred among men in some aspects. Eventually the research concluded a results that refers to legality of these sources to develop their properties in the Islamic perspective, additionally this research reveals the development that has been applied on the women properties in this era similar to the previous eras (from the beginning of Islam up to the 1st Al-Abbassi period ) thus the women's caliphs and their close female slaves have played a great role in the political and economic aspects of life.



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Al Dusky, R. H. H. (2017). Women Properties in The Second Period of Al-Abbassi Era (233-334/ 846-945). Humanities Journal of University of Zakho, 5(2), 361–374. https://doi.org/10.26436/hjuoz.2017.5.2.338



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