The miraculous use of the vocabulary in the creative audio of Koranic verse


  • Azza A. Ezzat Department of Arabic Language, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.



the linguistic level, the audio section, vowels, consonants


The study deals with attempting to detect one of the miracle of language in the text of the Quran by analyzing it linguistically, and show its uniqueness and being a top statement and the most eloquent , the richest semantically, it has the most beautiful tune, from the point used articles ,words, structures, or styles and how suitably they are relate to the context. The text Quranic text is second to none. . The means to discover the eloquence of the semantic meaning of the margins and the used words, or structures are disclosed by replacing the words with there synonyms , or the pseudo synonyms , in accordance with to the multi-linguistic levels: phonetic, and lexical, morphological, syntactic, and semantic levels. Results Considering the semantics meanings of the used words and their synonyms, a comparison between the meanings of the synonyms affirm the principle that there is no synonym in the text of the Quran even when the synonyms are found in the dictionaries and thesaurus of Arabic language. Each word, whether it is an article, a noun, or a verb has its halo tag which differs from that of the other, it distinguishes their appearance in this way without the other, starting with the phonological level , which deals with sounds and their characteristics and audio section, and then the lexical level which deals with the semantic significance of the words, which some scholars categorize under the semantic level; the most affected level by the change of the sounds. It is subject to change by the change of the a phoneme or more, passing through the morphological level in which the words are change their forms according to their singularity , duality ,plurality, masculinity , feminism, abstraction, or increase in derivation, or being defined ,.. .Differences are varied, and the meanings of forms are multiple, besides the meanings of the derivatives in which the sounds change (increase, or decrease, or swapped), to end at the syntactic level and it draws the attention to sentence structure, and grammatical stylistics . The most important recommendations Lack of separation between the linguistic levels of analysis, and not adopting the linguistic taste in the linguistic analysis of the text, especially the text of the Qur'an; because it's point of view, it may not be accurate or convincing for the researchers , and trying to link the linguistic sense of the researcher in the study of texts phonetically depending on the statistics results , which is rarely used in humanitarians researches ; to be more scientific, and we believe that preference may be to adopt the percentages, because they give a clear and accurate picture of the comparison between the texts that differs in quantities and varies the qualities.



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Ezzat, A. A. (2018). The miraculous use of the vocabulary in the creative audio of Koranic verse. Humanities Journal of University of Zakho, 6(2), 562–574.



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