Shikh Ismaeel el-Korani


  • Farsat A.Y. Alwarmely Department of Islamic Studies, Faculti Humanities, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.



Shaykh Ahmed AL-Gurani, AL-Kawther AL-Jari Ila Riyad Ahadith AL-Bukhari


This research tackles the biography of one of the Kurdish scholars Shaykh Ahmed Gurani who served Islam a lot and presented many generous services through his useful prolific knowledge and various useful works and his teaching in public and private boards, the research highlights the most prominent aspect of his life through his offer of a nice and sufficient translation of different stages of his life. The research gives importance in highlighting his scientific efforts by addressing his culture, writings, scientific rank, position and being professional in the science of transfer and mentality, the research also highlights the writer’s method in hadith through his book Sharh Sahih al Bukhari and the features that his method is characterized by. AL-Gurani, may Allah bless his soul, was a Kurdish scholar from Sharazor, born in 813 H. in a village in Guran and died in 893 H .in Constantinople (Istanbul) city and buried there. He was an expert in Hadith and doctrine interpretation. He was educated by well-known scholars at that age and loved science and education right from his childhood. During his life, he travelled a lot seeking for knowledge and earned many scientific certificates from great scholars at that era. AL-Gurani, may Allah bless his soul, had a special rank and reputation from sultans and princes. He was brave in telling the truth, fearless for the sake of Allah, he was also known of being humble and serious in his life. He spent most of his time in worshiping and complication so he left many various books about different sciences. AL-Gurani , may Allah bless his soul, had his special style in the interpretation of (Sahih AL-Bukhari) therefore it was considered to be reliable like many other interpretations and it was not mere transfer from former scholars , his interpretation had special features and advantages in which the author AL-Gurani tried to show the secrets from the speech of the prophet, to differentiate between right and wrong and to clarify the errors and mistake happened in form interpretations, to mention the best linguistic forms without any sort of exaggeration. May Allah bless the soul of our master AL-Gurani and may Allah send him to his broad paradise.



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