Time in Proverbs


  • Parwin R. Hadi Department of Kurdish Language, Faculty of Humanities, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.




ده‌م, گوتنێن مه‌زنان, ده‌ڤه‌را به‌هدینان


Time has a valouble important in humans life, Therefor humans befor and for now tried to organize his ther duties whithin the time. They also classified the time to different parts and stage to know in which part of the time they are living to accommodate themselves whithin that part of time. This was the reason behind making calenders to organize and understand better. Kurdish nation also befor long time comprehend the importance of time and the change og the time in their time, and by the passing time and having experience they created an oral calendar related specially for Kurdistan. And for this experience that they had befor to be easily transport among the nation and upcoming generation, they did this by creating and organizing shortwords and phrases. This research is looking forward that by Kurdish proverbs to introduce the importance of time of the Kurdish nation. And this a research for the parts of time among Kurdish nation and to introduce the Kurdish Comperhension and Philosophy of time.



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