Reasons of Non-Proliferation of the Shiism in Kurdish Society in the Medieval Centuries

  • Kamaran Aziz Abdullah Koya University
Keywords: Reasons, Non-Proliferation of the Shiism, Kurdish Society, Medieval Centuries


The Shiite belief as one of the recognized beliefs of the Islamic world in the medieval centuries couldn’t find a space in the Kurdish society, and couldn’t persuade the Kurdish individuals to follow its message and way. So in this research we aimed to gain those reasons that became a barrier in developing non-proliferation of the Shiite belief in the Kurdish society, through extracting information from the references and analyzing them scientifically. Thus, apart from introduction, we preferred to divide this research into two chapters. In the first chapter, we de-fined the term of Shiite in terms of linguistic and idiomatic. It deserves mentioning that we mentioned the most important and the most spreaded shitti groups in medieval centuries. In addition, in the second chapter, we considered the spread of the reasons for non-proliferation of the Shiism in Kurdish society, which included a number of reasons, the most important of them is the way the Shiites view the Kurds, which they regarded this nation in a strange way. Besides that, they didn’t pay great attention to the Kurdish regions. Despite that the Sunni authority controlled the Kurdish region and had impact on the Kurdish individuals. third the role of the Kurdish states in developing the Sunni belief. Fourth the existence of khawarij in the Kurdish region was of the reasons. To sum up, all the above mentioned reasons had a substantial influence on the majority of the Kurdish people not to follow the Shiite belief in the middle ages.

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Kamaran Aziz Abdullah, Koya University
Dept. of History, Koya University
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