Women’s Subjectivism as a Means for Strengthening the Power of Patriarchy

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Hajar A. Abdullghafor Sirwan J. Amin


Generally speaking, Feminism is a philosophy and an idea that endeavors to end all the disasters and inequalities committed against women throughout history.  Women worry about this unfairness and inequality and they do their best to put an end to it. They think that this unfairness does not only exist in one side but in every side, so they think that this inequality needs to be reviewed. One of the fields that this inequality is conducted in and that can be used as a means to increase it is literature.

As a matter of fact, women are discontent with the images shown by man about women. This is one side of the issue, but how much women have been able to depict an image of themselves, an image that is opposite of those shown by men, is important as well.

For feminists, focusing on the images drawn by men and women about women in literature is very important because they think that literature, as a cultural component, has a large influence on society and the power of patriarchy.

In this research, by selecting some poems of “Kajal Ibrahim Khidir,” we want to show how much feminine writing, by focusing on subjective and personal feelings, serves the dominance of patriarchy; especially the fact that finally these subjective images will be used adversely by society.

We think that feminism is a political and social advocacy. So, any sort of subjectivism or going beyond the social circumstances and the facts of society will not serve the annihilation of inequality from which men have been benefitting – especially the fact that the patriarchy has wanted to marginalize women’s stances on the reality and life of society so as to make women more submissive.


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