Aesthetics in The Nationalistic Poems


  • Zülküf Ergün Mardîn Artuklu University



Aesthetics, kurdish poem, nationalistic poems


The term of aesthetics in literary works has been argued within the frame of form, content and structure, and identified in various ways. Nationalistic poems, as they are built on social and political unity of the national ideology and come to the forefront for their contents rather than their forms, can be evaluated within the scope of Hegel’s aesthetics. Because poetry, as the most nationalistic form, constitutes a very productive ground for strengthening and disseminating nationalism, Kurdish poets renovate Kurdish poetry with a nationalistic content in the modern era and they transform poetry into a suitable ground for awakening of the nation and development of the homeland. This shows that patriotic Kurdish poets built poetics of poetry on Hegel’s aesthetics and experience aesthetics of poetry in nationalistic content.

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Zülküf Ergün, Mardîn Artuklu University

Mardîn Artuklu University




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