The Role Dimensions of Marketing and its in Enhancing Marketing Strategies

  • Mohammed Mohammed Omar Department of Administrative Sciences, College of Administration and Economics, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.
Keywords: entrepreneur marketing, Entrepreneurship, words retain the customer, marketing


The aim of this study is to identify the dimensions of marketing and the possibility of implementing marketing strategies that contribute to the acquisition of new customers of the organization by highlighting a sample of banks in the city of Zakho as a sample of the research consisting of (35) heads of sections and divisions and assistants to these banks, Entrepreneurship marketing and strategies Marketing is an important element in the organization's superiority, which aims to demonstrate a new marketing concept in capturing existing opportunities and facing risks in the business environment. The outcomes of the questionnaires have been analyzed by using (SPSS-21) program using statistical percentages, averages, standard deviations, correlation and regression. Descriptive analysis of the variables marketing Entrepreneurship dimensions showed that the degree of total agreement reached (74.64%) and the degree of total agreement of the variable of marketing strategies reached (76.08%). The outcomes of the study have revealed that there is a positive and significant relationship between dimensions of marketing Entrepreneurship and marketing strategies, and (, the outcomes showed that the impact relationship to the dimensions of marketing Entrepreneurship in the marketing strategies of the organizations investigated), Based on the outcomes the important the study that it is : the Entrepreneurship organizations seeking to recover Marketing campaigns should be selected through the acquisition of profitable customers to choose suitable marketing strategies to help them add valuable value to them, which will adopt innovative approaches to achieve clear differences between them and the competing organizations from their investment of market opportunities. The most important suggestions are: enhancing awareness within the banks researching about the need for change Continuing strategies are employed in an environment that dictates a state of continuous change by selecting a different and well thought- out combination of marketing strategies geared towards satisfying the largest number of target customers.

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