The Effectiveness of Picture on Writing Skill

  • Ibrahim Q. Mohammed Department of Kurdish Language, Faculty of Basic Education, University of Salahaddin, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
  • Nidham H. Rasheed Department  of Kurdish Language, Collge of Basic Education, salahaddin University, Kurdistan Region - Iraq.
Keywords: Human Being, Animal, Verbal and Written Expression, Skill of Expression, Growth, Development


Human Being can communicate orally which make them different animal communication. even if an individual is not educated he can convey what he or she wants to express clearly. it is clear from what has been mentioned previously that there is huge different between human and animal communication. both spoken and written forms communication required activation and development. Human, society, and schools are the main elements which affects the development of these forms. expert people should hold the responsibility for this issue. these skills should be developed an enjoyable style from primary stage.

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