The Effect of Modernism on The Early Works of The Kurdish and Turkish Folklore


  • Ramazan Pertev Artuklu University - Mardin , Terkey.



Folklora Kurdî, Folklora Tirkî, Modernîzm


In the research the struggle of the Kurdish and Turkish folklore is historical. By history we mean second half of 19th and 20th century. In this research we would like to emphasize the effect of the modernism on the Kurdish and Turkish folklore. As it is know the folklore is a research ground for the concept of ‘Language’, ‘nationality’, homeland’, and ‘civilization’ for western Ottoman Empire educators. We are all affected by modernism. In this framework we will shed the light on the comparison between the Kurdish and Turkish folklore, this is why the work in this research has been evaluated in a chronological way. In this research we did not want to do study the effects of the modernism on both Kurdish and Turkish folklore or to evaluate their struggle in this matter .It is clear that there is a parallel understanding and struggle from both sides. That is why the demand of a an original language, national authority, independent country, and western civilizationis the main goal of that era. This is why understanding and struggle in many ways are opposing each other. Because in the Ottoman Empire Turkish were the dominant nationality, they were influenced by the western civilization before others. This is why we can that the western civilization reached other by the means of the Turkish educators

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Ramazan Pertev, Artuklu University - Mardin , Terkey.

Zanîngeha Artukluyê ya Mêrdînê, Terkey.




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