Conflict in Zoroastrianism Religion


  • Emmad A.M. Saeed Department of History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Rabe Rennes, Kurdistan Region Iraq - Iraq.



الصراع, الديانة الزرادشتية


Zoroastrianism considers as a difficult religion to study and research , In spite of formal religion in some country was a dangerous stage that faced many difficulties and that had effected internal and external effect to change some of thoughts and concepts that made it more difficult to study some of the thoughts and ideas that come through these religion ,like Christ religion ,and some philosophical school , like Gnosticism as an example, that was so difficult to return back these thoughts and ideas Zoroastrianism or to some philosophical movements , one of these ideas in side Zoroastrianism religion such as (conflict). To know this religion that we talked about its history that need for this research about world religion , in spite of conflict case research in Zoroastrianism religion is an attempt to full up the gap and a few information about this religion thoughts as an example for some of the Zoroastrianism religion text as a sample.



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