The representation of Kurds in Mua'eed Al Dawla Osama bin Munqadh from 584 A.H. to 1188 A.D.

  • Ahmed Saleh Ahmed University of Zakho
  • Lolav M. Salim University of Zakho
Keywords: Kurds, Ebn Al Munqadh, the poets


The study tackles a prominent figure in history, politics and literature - poetry. He followed a distinctive style to indicate some exquisite historical information than the others. His family and he were well-known as princes and the owner of Shizer castle. The researcher got use of Iben AL- Munqadh's works, so as the have a closer look to his personal life and the shape of life that he himself has experienced it. Moreover, the paper covers stories from his actual life. Iben AL- Munqadh has written some manuscripts about his biography and some dairies during his transferring from one place to another. He obtained a prominent position among the Fatimid caliphate, Atabekiya, Zankiye and the Ayyubid State. Likewise, he got much fame when he addressed some shining figures in the aforementioned states in his poetry. The paper highlights on two respects about Iben AL- Munqadh . Firstly, as a historian and an author with plenty of works. Secondly, as one of the war knights and a witness of many events of his period. Moreover, he has a heroic attitude. He wrote in his dairies, the psychological state of the soldiers and characterized Kurds with enthusiasm and bravery. He met many Kurdish individuals such as judges, preachers, scholars and others.

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Lolav M. Salim, University of Zakho
قسم التاريخ، فاكولتي العلوم الانسانية، جامعة زاخو- إقليم كُردستان - العراق
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