AEB: Advisory Editorial Board

The HJUOZ Advisory Editorial Board (AEB) includes experts in the subject area that relates with HJUOZ. AEB provides assistance and advice to the Executive Editorial Board (EEB) in case they been asked. Advisory Board members are involved in the implementation of science in society on a global scale. AEB meets on a regular basis with EEB to discuss the latest related issues of HJUOZ.

The AEB Team is:

EEB: Executive Editorial Board

HJUOZ’s Executive editorial board is a group of experts who dictate the direction the publication's editorial policy advised by JUOZ framework.

  • Once a manuscript has been received by HJUOZ, the Editor-in-Chief (E-I-C) will check the submitted manuscript for quality. After the manuscript has passed the initial acceptance criteria, the Editor-in-Chief will contact an appropriate member of EEB. From this point on, the Executive Editors (from this point and further, called Editor) will be required to handle the manuscript.
  • The Editor will look for appropriate and expert reviewers and later the reviewers’ comments will be collected. Most of the cases two reviewers should be obtained for each manuscript. Executive Editor might be one the reviewer if the manuscript falls directly in her/his area of expertise.
  • The Editor will then formulate a recommendation for the manuscript (Reject, Reject & Resubmit, Major Revision, Minor Revision, accept) and give his/her recommendation, merging the feedback and providing comments for the authors.
  • The Editor will inform the E-I-C and pending the decision of E-I-C will be asked to communicate with the author until the paper is ready for publication.
  • Note: in some vague cases the E-I-C will provide a report to the Advisory Editorial Board and they may provide advices or suggestions.

The EEB Team is:

  • Abdulsalam Najimaldeen Abdullah,  Editor-in-Chief
  • Fakhir Hassan Yousif,  Member
  • Sattar Jabbar Haji,  Member
  • Ivan Hasan Murad Ashosta,  Member
  • Renas I. Mohammed, Member

Office Team

  • Renas I. Mohammed, Secretary
  • Sardar Omar Ramadhan, CopyEditor
  • Abdulsalam Najimaldeen Abdullah, Kurdish ProofReader
  • Ivan Hasan Murad Ashosta, English ProofReader
  • Fakhir Hassan Yousif, Arabic ProofReader
  • Karwan Jacksi, Site Administrator and Technical Supporter