Identify the Level of The Existing Teaching Practices on Mathematical Knowledge Economy of The Teachers of The Basic Stage, According to Some of The Variables

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Azhar A.H. Ibrahim


The research aims to identify the level of the existing teaching practices on mathematical knowledge economy of the teachers of the basic stage, according to some of the variables, the researcher used the descriptive method to achieve the goal of  the research and the research sample included(40) teachers from the primary schools of the directorate of  education of  zakho, a researcher survey of the practices of teaching the list prepared on the knowledge of mathematical economy to demonstrate the performance and practice of teachers for their roles in the classroom  are from (60) items distributed on seven areas is (prepare the students for the knowledge, the development of thinking skills, organization and analyze of the content, cooperative work, leadership and classroom management , learning techniques, calendar) after confirming the validity and reliability of applied questionnaire  the research sample data were collected and analyzed using the degree of sharpness and weight percentile and test (z) ratios to find the differences between research variables, results of the study showed that teachers of mathematics exercising their roles largely up to the percentage (73.5% ) there are no statistically significant differences among math teachers due to the variables of sex and academic qualification in all areas of the questionnaire except third area (analyses and organization of content) , while the significant difference statistically attributed to the variable teaching experience in the areas iii and iv (analyses and organization of content, cooperative work) according to the cognitive mathematical economics.


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