The Entertainment of the Islamic Scholars of Mashreq in the (3 & 4 Hijri / 9 & 10 AD) Centuries

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Tarek Fathi Sultan Fallah F.Y. Al - Mirani


Since the process of scientific research needs efforts through teaching and learning, teachers and learners thought of having necessary spams where they could have a rest. This is achieved by practicing some hobbies and occupations which help them renew their mental and physical activities and go back to research in a better way. Here, the current paper sheds light on the different means of entertainment with these teachers and learners. To know about these ways, the paper is divided into an introduction and six sections. Section one defines the term “entertainment” linguistically and semantically. Section two talks about physical and mental sports like knighthood, shooting and playing chess. Section three explains change of atmosphere and their hiking. In section four, scenes of humor and joking, which added an atmosphere of fun to the work of these scholars, are tacked. In section five, the vacations necessary for freshening the scholars’ mental activities are studied. Section six explains various forms of singing and music. Finally, the most important points and conclusions reached throughout the paper are listed at the end of the paper.

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