The Role of Goran Kurdish Princes and Leaders in the Administration of Mamluk State in Egypt and Levant between (7-9 H / 13-15 A.D) Centuries.

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Farhad H. Aboush Samira H.B. Hussein


This study aims at highlighting the role of Goran Kurdish Ameers and leaders in the administration of Mamlukid State in Egypt and Levant between (7-9 H / 13-15 A.D). This is carried out by studying positions and offices held by Goran Kurds including Deputy, Willayat, Police, Alkshifia, etc.

Apart from introduction and conclusion, the study is divided into seven sections. The first one is devoted to studying the role of Goran Kurds in holding the position of Deputy of Sultanate in Levant. The second one concentrates on the position of Willayat in Egypt especially in Cairo and some other cities. The third one investigates their role as police. Their role as Kushofia is highlighted in the fourth part. The fifth one refers to their role as Moqadam Alf. Their position as Tabelkhanat leader is considered in sixth section. Their role as Tabardaria job is denoted to in the seventh part.

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