Influence of Arabic Language On Kurdish Poetry: Poems of Ahamadikahine " Mam Zein " As an Example.

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Essam M. Suleiman


The present research deals with the Influence of Arabic language on Kurdish poetry: Poems of Ahamadi Kahines collection named " Mam Zein " Due to the richness and diversity of texts of Arabic poems, Arabic language is always regarded as and still a rich and non – depleted resource for all poets, especially Kurdish poets who took lines of immortality and glory.

The poet Ahamadi Kahine is an example for this Influence as this collection " Mam Zein " contain a lot of Arabic and Islamic utterances, vocabularies, meanings, and figures that shows to what extent how Arabic language has Influenced his education, his emotion, and his love for Arabic language.

The present research is divided into introduction and three chapters. In the first chapter, we explained Arabic vocabularies and names, while in second one we explained Quran, Qurainc meaning and contents. In third chapter, we explained the prophet in " Mam Zein ". The research has come up with many finding and conclusions.

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