Efforts of Sheikh Mohammed Amin Kurdish Al- Erbly Through His Book "Enlighten Hearts in Dealing Knower of the Unseen”.

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Izzedine H. Jamil Shoukat Z. Mohamed Abdul Qahar S. Abdullah


Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon the master of the prophets and messengers, and his family and companions.

The Islamic history has manyscholars who excelled from Kurdistan, where they Illustratedto people what was revealed to them, they taught the Book of Allah, and they interpreted his words, and the books of biographies has been filled with the names of thosescholars, and here I wanted to show Kurdish scholar efforts, namely "Sheikh Mohammed Amin Kurdish Al- Erbly ", through his book"Enlighten hearts in dealing Knower of the unseen”.

Theresearch necessitatedmake it that include an introduction and six sections and a conclusion, I spoke in the first part, about his personal life, and in the second part, talked about growing up and of his travels for getting knowledge, and in the third section was talking about his efforts in the mystic interpretation, and in the fourth section was talking about repentance He preferred the Custodians and evidence of dignity, and the fifth section was a special vacuum to a statement from the descriptions reprehensible and desalination descriptions of good, while the sixth section and last came the meaning of self and trust, sincerity and love to a statement.

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